Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Crafts Continued

Shocking I know, another post! I have been so terrible about blogging this year but I am making up for it a bit with all of these crafty posts. Well, these little guys were another craft from this month's Martha Stewart Living and they've been a big hit with all of their recipients; my boyfriend's parents, my mom, my boyfriend and myself. They are so easy to make and the result is darling, I tied strings around them to make them into Christmas ornaments and put tinsel pipe cleaner trim on their hats for a vintage feel. My crafting supplies are a bit limited (since I am visiting family) but all this project took was scraps of felt and a couple of pipe cleaners. I found the toppers for their hats while looking around my mom's house, I snipped a couple of red and white "berries" off of her Christmas garland. It's not noticeable that they're missing and the elves appreciate their berry toppers.
Here's the tutorial to make these jolly elves.


  1. JIHAN!!! I miss you! Your crafty little bloggings make me jealous...I haven't made anything remotely festive this whole holiday season. I blame that on being a little burned out from my painting class this past semester...I still have occasional twinges of "Oh no, I should be doing something for school" even though I've been on break for over two weeks. I missed you and Dan at the staff reunion, which just ended today. I need to get an email address for you...for some reason I don't think I have one. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and see how you're doing. And keep posting crafty inspirational thingies! I want to see pictures of how those hobo costumes turned out...

  2. Hey - thanks for visiting my blog :) Congratulations on your engagement - its exciting huh? We haven't set a date yet (next year some time) but when we do, I think my blog will be taken over!! I got my shorts from Tara Starlet (you can google them!) I also have a green check pair and am very very tempted to buy a red pair. But they are a little expensive so I'll have to wait :)


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