Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fingerprint Ornament DIY

I'm sure many of you have seen this fingerprint ornament floating around pinterest. When I saw it, I wanted to make it soooo bad to commemorate our first Christmas with little baby. Well, technically our second Christmas with Little Baby, but he was born so close to Christmas that it is was all a blur to me, but I digress. Anyway.... on pinterest the comments claimed this ornament could be made with salt dough. Excuse me, but if you actually click on the picture, you find out that the ornament is cast in bronze (hence the hefty price tag) and you are NEVER going to get such fine fingerprint lines from salt dough. Believe me, all you get is a blob of an indentation which could have been a grape that you pressed into the dough.

Now, this is by no means perfect, but I am pretty satisfied with the result, and it sure beats the $210.00 price tag of the one I linked to above!

Supplies: Sculpey clay*, circle cookie cutter or lid/jar/glass, straw, stamps, dark ink (or dark crayon), fine tip Sharpie, Sculpey gloss glaze, and piece of ribbon.

*Note, Sculpey is NOT food safe, only use tools with Sculpey that will NOT be used with food.

1. Sculpey comes in a little square with 4 segments, remove a segment and roll in your hands to form a ball. Flatten ball with a rolling pin until it is 1/4" thick. (I sandwiched my clay between 2 pieces of parchment so it wouldn't come in contact with rolling pin)

2. Cut out circle shape with cookie cutter. Mine is a bit wonkey shaped because I used an exacto knife to cut around a jar lid.

3. Use a straw to poke a hole in the top of the ornament.

4. Now this is the fun part -- fingerprint it up! Be sure to press firmly enough to leave a print, but not so hard where you squash the clay flat. Little baby didn't want to cooperate at first with his finger, but later he willingly gave me his little pointer finger and let me squish it into the clay. Then he smiled, looks like I have a crafting buddy!

5. Use stamps to put the year in the center, or even your family's last name. I used these metal stamps that I have.

6. Bake according to package instructions and cool.

7. Rub a little ink into the fingerprints. I used calligraphy ink and a q-tip to lightly rub it into the impressions. I used a fine tip Sharpie to fill in the year. Let dry.

8. This is an important step, I think it gives a more finished look to the ornament. With a paintbrush, coat the ornament with Sculpey gloss glaze. Let dry.

9. Finally, tie a piece of ribbon through the hole. I used a pre-tied ribbon ornament hanger, just because I had eleventy-million lying around.

A close up: Not perfect, but it is a sweet memory of my little family -- Papa, Baby, and Mama.
Another fun idea is to make smaller, individual prints of your child, with their name on one side and the year on the other. You can make them into ornaments or skip the step with the straw and make them into magnets instead. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Necessities for a Sick Baby

As some of you may know I have a baby who is frequently at the office and he has picked up his first cold. Poor baby! A few things that have been helpful around these parts are the Nosefrida Snotsucker

You just place the tube against baby's nostril and suck the snot away! You might think "Eww, gross!" but there is a little filter so not a bit of mucus touches your lips. And boy does it work! The traditional bulb aspirator can't hold a candle to the NoseFrida.

Next on the list is doTERRA's Breathe blend, I am quite the fan of essential oils (see my shop here!). I mix one drop of this blend with a drop or two of jojoba oil and rub it on baby's chest and back; it works like Vicks but I think it is stronger and it doesn't contain any petroleum jelly and is safe to use on babies, it's 100% natural. 

Poor baby is on day 2 of his cold but snuggles, and his favorite blanket and stuffed animal seem to be helping him. Get well soon sweetheart!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tis the Season... watch all of your favorite Christmas movies and tv show specials. In no particular order here are my favorites to watch year after year after year.

Christmas In Connecticut

The Muppets Christmas Carol -- a perennial favorite.

Elf -- I was watching this last year when I went into labor, needless to say I did not finish the movie.

Home Alone -- I just recently sold my Talkboy.

Addams Family tv Christmas Special

It's A Wonderful Life -- I have a very special place in my heart for this movie. ♥

The Little Drummer Boy

Meet Me In St. Louis -- This isn't necessarily a Christmas movie, since it covers all of the seasons, but it spends a good chunk of time at Christmas. And here's a piece of trivia; Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas was written for this movie.

Home Alone 2 -- I so badly wanted to go into FAO Schwarz, it looked like a dream toy store!

Flinstone's Christmas tv Special -- I loved everything about this episode, I liked seeing snow on the palm trees, Barney's ear muffs made out of a wishbone and Betty's usual bow replace with a sprig of holly.

Charlie Brown Christmas -- "And that's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown."

A Claymation Christmas Celebration -- Oh my gosh, I LOVED this tv special as a kid; from the dinosaur hosts to the California Raisins, it was the best in my book!

Happy Days Christmas tv special -- the Fonz has no family but doesn't want to tell the Cunninghams that he has no place to go on Christmas Eve.

The Brady Bunch Christmas tv special -- Oh no, Carol has laryngitis and can't sing her solo at church!

The Office Christmas Party episode -- the office has a Christmas gift exchange, Michael gives an iPod and gets upset when he receives a homemade oven mitt.

A Very Brady Christmas -- And the Brady's make it again on my list in this cheesetastic made for tv special! I absolutely loved it as a kid because the Brady's were all grown up, I was bummed that it was not the real Cindy though.

Nester the Long Eared ChristmasDonkey -- Another Claymation gem, why is Nester crying? You'll have to watch to find out!

Miracle on 34th Street

Well folks, that is a pretty comprehensive list of my favorite Christmas movies and shows to watch, maybe you'll find a new one to watch and love!

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