Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dinosaur and Caveman Quiet Book Page

My goodness, I've been having a fun time making quiet book pages for little G. And with the Paleo diet being all the rage right now, what better than a Paleo page? Ha, ha! I kid, I kid.

Many, many moons ago I thought it would be a good idea to buy a yard of Easter egg fabric. What the heck was I planning on doing with it? I have no idea, but I finally found a use for it after toting it around for far too long. The best type of felt for quiet books is wool and the second best is wool blend. The absolute worst is the crap-o synthetic stuff that they sell at craft stores and Wal Mart, it just doesn't hold up to wear and tear and it's pretty thin. The only problem with the wool blend felt is the price, so I decided to mix and match fabric and felt for the background. I decided on my Easter egg print because I liked how the brightly colored eggs matched the dino egg. (Buy good wool blend felt here).

It's a baby dinosaur surprise!
 I used this dinosaur page (her website has sooooooo many great quiet book page patterns and they are all free, hooray and thanks!) and added a little caveman fishing unsuccessfully.  On the original pattern the bottom left corner had embroidered words but I wanted to fill the blank space with a little something extra. I thought a caveman might be fun so I googled "caveman" and decided on this photo and then because I bought some clear plastic vinyl I wanted to make some fish swimming in a pond. 

I couldn't bear for the fish to actually be caught and eaten so he is escaping from the clutches, err spear, of this grumpy Neaderthal ala "Braveheart" style. FREEDOM!!! Oh I did have fun with this page.

Danny boy got in on the quiet book too, I asked him to draw a shouting fish (so I could make it out of felt) and this is what he came up with - he labeled it himself. Thanks D.!

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