Hi everyone, my name's Jiji welcome to The Moldy Cannoli! Maybe you're wondering how I got the name for my blog? Well, there was a cannoli in the fridge and I wanted to eat it, but my boyfriend convinced me there was mold on it and I shouldn't eat it. Really that was just his way of keeping me from eating the cannoli so he could have it for himself. I told him "I don't want a moldy cannoli!" Well, actually I said "taint" I was on a "taint" kick for awhile. I get stuck on certain words for long periods of time, currently I'm stuck on "gee whiz". So yep, that's the story. Anyway...

Now we are married.

 I've been crafting since I can remember, my earliest endeavors started around age four when I would dig through office trash cans looking for paper strips from old computer paper (anyone else remember those perforated strips on computer paper) Those were then turned into rubbish bracelets and kites. No, the kites couldn't fly but that didn't stop me.  Though I don't make rubbish bracelets anymore I can still be found crafting away on any given day

I find Christmas crafts especially fun to make. 

I like little things like albino bunny buttons.

I like eating food.

I like making food. (Are you getting hungry? Recipe here.)

I like pretty things. (D. wore this boutonniere at our wedding, I am also very sentimental.)

Now you know a little bit more about the girl behind the moldy cannoli, thanks for stopping by! 

Oh, and I recently had a baby, but he's at the office a lot, so you won't see him too much around this here blog. 
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