Thursday, March 26, 2009


I had my eyes on these for quite some time, and I was surprised to see them on sale on Target's website. They came in the mail today and they are on my feet as I type. I feel like such a flapper, 23 skidoo!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wasted Time

I thought it would be fun to make homemade marshmallows, I heard wonderful things about how delicious they are, and how they are so much better than store bought. Well, I used a popular domestic homemaker's (*cough*cough* Martha Stewart) recipe, and all I got was a sick-o gelatinous mess. I tried to eat one, but it was so bad I spit it in the rubbish bin. I was very disappointed. I will try making them again some day in the future, but I will NOT use that horrid recipe.

I found this sad little marshmallow on etsy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Books That Strike My Fancy

I've been eyeballing these books for quite some time now, I just might have to go out and snatch them all up.

This book would be especially wonderful to own, I enjoy adding things to my "record of daily events" log (otherwise known as a journal), and having a book full of ideas and prompts sounds like a fun time to me.

I remember when the only craft books that I ever came across were dorky Carol Duvall-esque ones, full of strange creations made out of polymer clay. Thank goodness for books like these!

I seriously think that my college art class could benefit using this as their curriculum. Perhaps I shall suggest it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On the Hunt...

I am looking for the perfect rock to paint a gnome on, this is more difficult than you might think. It must be smooth and triangular in shape. I came across this cute little clay gnome on etsy, and he is similar to something that I want to try my hand at making.

Yesterday, while walking across the Costco parking lot, I did find a rock but it looked exactly like a potato. I stuck it in my pocket and I walked around with it for an hour. I came back home, put it in the kitchen, and fifteen minutes later when I went back into the kitchen I thought it was a potato. No, a potato rock will not do.

Monday, March 9, 2009

If Only I Could Shrink

While perusing some of my favorite blogs, I came across this fun little garden-scape. Wouldn't you like to live here?

This consists of echeveria, hens and chicks, weeping rosemary, creeping thyme, a bonsai tree, a small mundo grass, kingsville boxwood, black fine sand, rocks and little bamboo sticks. I want to make one right now...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Impatient for Spring

Well, it is March, still a little chilly but I know spring is just around the corner. I wore a springtime dress with a big sweater to keep warm with on this frigid day. Please pardon the silly face, I took one quick photo before I left in a hurry for school.

Sweater*The Korean Bus Terminal
Sparkle Tights*The Korean Bus Terminal
Sunglasses*Grandma's glasses from the 1960s

The Korean bus terminal is just that; a shopping terminal in a bus station in Seoul, Korea. Oh how I miss that place!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Baking Delectables

I realized that I enjoy making sugary treats in the kitchen, but that is all I ever seem to make. Well, that and biriyani. I think I need to graduate into making entrees. Here is a wonderful crepe recipe that I discovered over the weekend. They were surprisingly easy to make. Of course, I had to make it into desert by topping it off with homemade strawberry ice cream and powdered sugar.
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