Friday, December 10, 2010

Holly Pins

While visiting my parents in Korea a couple of years ago, I bought a bunch of felt from a mega craft warehouse, it is the best quality I have ever stumbled upon and it has been serving me well. And here's what I've been doing with it of late...

These vintage inspired holly/poinsettia pins are pretty quick to make and only require a few supplies. It's so much fun to mix little berries with different types of ribbons and pom-poms; the possiblities are endless! All of these can be found in my shop.

This particular one is good for either a girl or a boy, since it isn't too feminine. I made one for D. too, he is such a good sport when it comes to wearing my creations.

I can't help but think of the old Grinch cartoon when I look at this one. Which reminds me, I have yet to watch that this year.

While making these I had to also make a few for myself, I made a copy of this one for me. My mom has a Christmas table cloth from the 1950's covered in poinsettias, this pin reminds me of that vintage tablecloth.

Icy cool

Even though these are pins, sometimes I put them in my hair as well. I make them serve double duty. Hop on over here, and pretty soon you too can be gazing at your Christmas tree with a little holly pin in your hair or on your sweater.

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