Friday, October 29, 2010

Thrift stores and go-go boots

I am new to this little town that I find myself living in, but I am quickly realizing that they are not fans of thrift shops. I have seen several donation drop off sites, but second hand stores are at a premium. I turned to the trusty internet and I found some thrift stores 10 miles away. Let me tell you, ten miles around here gets you pretty far; I suddenly found myself in an area surrounded by cops and bail bonds places. The thrift stores weren't so hot either. I did however, find some boots at the Salvation Army, and I had the marvelous idea to spray paint them white. I didn't think my chances were too high of finding patent leather go-go boots, but I am quite satisfied with the end result of my DIY job.

From drab... fab! Total cost: $7.00

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