Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tea Break

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you move to a new place and start the job hunt. Hunting for jobs is one of my least favorite things to do. Eww, yuck! I think I pressed the fast forward button on my brain and was having an unnecessary melt down. I decided to regroup and take a tea break.

Pumpkin mayhem, I love it! My mummy made me a cute pumpkin tablecloth and matching pillowcase, perfect for Halloween. The teacup is from my sissy-poo, and was a bridal shower gift. My bridal shower was held at Savannah Tea Company in Nashville, and all of the girls brought me tea cups. I have quite the collection now. The teapot and honey bowl were the first things that D. and I purchased for our apartment, before we even had it. We were a bit extravagant with our first house gifts and bought them at Anthropologie, my favorite. And the napkin holder was a 0.69 find from Salvation Army.

Writing wedding thank you's. Somebody bought me thank you notes as a shower gift, what a good idea.

This stump pot was a birthday present from me to D. I find myself using it much more than him though, therefore wishing that it was blue-ish green instead of grey. My owl notebook has been with me through the entire wedding planning process and is now helping me keep track of thank you notes.

Back to the notes!

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  1. I see you have a nice fall candle burning. It always adds to the coziness factor. I have my falls oils burning and it smells so nice but when I go outside or look out my window I feel like it's out of place!


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