Monday, April 15, 2013

State String Art

Wow, the last time I've posted was January 1st! But I am happy to report that I am right on track with my new year's resolutions, and having much fun completing my goals. Here is some state string art that kept me busy for awhile.

Most of these supplies were purchased from a hardware store (I love Ace!) the silver thread is from here.

I googled images of whatever state I was looking for, then I changed the scale when I printed them.

This is the island of Oahu, way easier to just do one island instead of trying to squeeze the entire island chain on a 12"x12" board.

I liked making the Texas art because you know, Texans love Texas.

For the most part, I followed this tutorial. I changed it up a little bit, and I really like the way they turned out. All of these were gifts, but I was thinking about maybe making one for every state I've lived in; but that would be a whole lot...not sure if I'm up for the task!


  1. Jihan, those are gorgeous state pieces!
    they look really intricate :)


  2. Thanks Rachel! Stringing them was the easiest part, I just went kind of wild with it. :)

  3. legit! good work. i like that you're CREATING things. will there be a soap post soon?


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