Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Soap Packaging

My latest little project has been soap making, I've always been curious about soap making but the use of lye is what scared me off for a long time. No need to be a fraidy cat though, all that is needed is care when using lye and you're good to go. Now that my soaps are made, I needed a cute way to package them. In the future I would like to get more elaborate but for now I like this simple way.

Supplies needed: wax paper, scissors washi tape, and of course, soap.

Cut wax paper to size, wrap soap like a package, and secure with washi tape. Easy peasy.

Ready and waiting to be shipped out.

If you want to make your own soaps too, you can buy all your goodies from Mountain Rose Herbs.


  1. awesome! is this still your first batch or have you made more? what is lye?

  2. I made two batches at the same time, I made them in 2 different crock pots. Lye is also known as sodium hydroxide it is caustic but it is what turns the oils into soap - known as saponification. All soap is made with lye, but at the end of the process there isn't any lye remaining. This is as scientific as I get. :)


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