Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fruits of Our Labor

D. and I are very fortunate to live in a place that places a strong emphasis on community, environment, and sustainability. Our little town has several community gardens and we were lucky enough to score a plot this year. Whooo, hoo! I heard the average wait time is a year, but we got a plot after just a few months. 

The view from the garden. Absolutely breathtaking.
Now D. and I pretty much knew zilch when it came to gardening, we kind of thought we could plant whatever we wanted, wherever we wanted. Well, that is not the case. We've enjoyed having our plot and have learned a lot along the way. There is just something very human about connecting to the earth and seeing how food is grown. 

Today's haul: cauliflower, anaheim peppers, eggplant and jalapeƱos. We watered the jalapeƱos too much, as a result we got those cracks in them known as "corking".  See, always learning...

It's important to see the work (and knowledge) that is required to produce food that we  so easily take for granted. It makes you that much grateful for every lettuce leaf you eat and every piece of broccoli that you munch on. 

Though my gardening skills are limited, it is something I definitely want to pass down to little baby. I can already imagine him digging in the dirt and eating tomatoes right off the vine.

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