Friday, May 25, 2012

Pinterest Projects: Rain Cloud Mobile


As we all know, Pinterest can be a great tool for collecting recipes, projects and all around inspiration but my boards have a way of collecting virtual dust. I can go crazy pinning things and then do nothing with them, so my latest "feature" (I should not say feature because that requires frequent blog posting) will be me finding a project on Pinterest and then recreating it. First up this rain cloud mobile:

Super cute mobile but the blog was in French, thanks to google translator though, I was able to pretty much figure out the instructions. I did not have the same materials that was used to make the mobile, so here's my spin on the project.

Cut two cloud shapes out of quilting batting (I scored this for free at a church rummage sale!) and cut out raindrop shapes from different colored felt.

Arrange raindrops into desired color combination and sew them into strands. I christened my new sewing machine by sewing raindrops, maybe someday I can tackle more adventurous projects... Sew around cloud leaving a small opening to stuff with polyfill. Sew a ribbon loop (not shown) on top of cloud and tie raindrop strands to base of cloud.

Ta-da! The finished product, my little sonny sure likes looking up at it and watching the raindrops sway back and and forth.


  1. That's such a clever idea! So cute. I found your blog from a comment you left on Bleubird! I'm so glad I did.



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