Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Loot

I celebrated my quarter century birthday on Sunday (OMG times 93!), what a lovely deceptively spring like day it was too! I didn't even wear a jacket when we went out, I probably should have though, since I nearly ran to the car so I wouldn't catch a chill. I thought I would share pictures of my fun birthday loot.

Flowers from D.

D. and I watched Donovan's Reef last night, his first time watching it. The funny thing is it is supposed to be set in French Polynesia yet they speak Hawaiian. Hmm...

A super cute owl teapot to add to my ever growing collection of teacups, tea and teapots.

New tea.

Can never have too much Martha.

Thanks Grandma!

A new craft to try.

Yay, a new ukulele! D. already gave me a lesson, since it's been 11 years since I've played, and I am well on my way to learning the Times They Are a-Changin'. That D. sure is a good teacher.
(The blurr in my right hand is an Indian cookbook that I am violently shaking for some reason.)

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