Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frasier and Friends

Well, my sister wanted to see my Christmas tree, so here is Frasier and some of his inhabitants.

Frasier is pretty little and is crammed between our table and the wall. We didn't have a tree topper of any sort, so a few days ago I found a cereal box on the stairs (why did someone leave an empty cereal box on the stairs? I have no idea), cut a star out of it, covered it in glitter and tied it on the tree with a piece of baker's twine.

My first Christmas ornament. D. left all his ornaments at his parents, too bad; I wanted to see his baby ornament.

Two of my all time favorite ornaments. I used to love The Rescuer's Down Under, and here is Bernard and Bianca decked out in their Christmas finest. I still have the boxes they came in from McDonalds in 1990! 

An ornament made for me by my mom's friend (the one at whose house I used to craft rubbish bracelets, thus beginning my crafting career). For some reason I really liked that it was wearing little golden leaves around its neck.

Snoopy too is a childhood favorite. My mom used to always let me rent Charlie Brown videos from Blockbuster. For some reason they were only 49 cents to rent. I couldn't pass up camping Snoopy, since that is how D. and I met; working at a summer camp.

So there you have another glimpse at my tree and its occupants. Merry (almost) Christmas!


  1. I finally can leave a comment! I love lil' frazier and all his friends...I wish we were all there with you sitting at your bay window crammed together with all of those we love the most!

  2. Our family's tree topper is an angel made from an angel head and arms (I think it was part of a table decoration at some point?) and an aluminum pie pan (which my dad cut and made into a skirt). My mom has sometimes suggested replacing it with something newer (and more tasteful) but she has always been vetoed. So be careful, that glittery star could become a tradition and last for...30 years or so.


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