Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Carol Garlands

The baker's twine sure is coming in handy for all of my crafty endeavors. Last year I saw this photo and wanted to make some garlands of my own.

I put together a little DIY for all of you who would like to make some festive Christmas carol garlands.

Supplies needed: red cardstock, scissors, tape, baker's twine (or any thin string), and a paper cutter.

Cut cardstock in half, each piece can make one letter.

Cut letters out of cardstock, I free handed all of mine; and it really is easier than you think.

Tape the letters to the string.

The finished product, I love how it turned out, it makes the apartment so festive! Tape garland to the ceiling, it is pretty light weight so the scotch tape is strong enough to keep the garland from falling.

In the bedroom, this is such a quick project and adds so much to the overall look of a room.

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