Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flea Market Finds

This past Sunday dearest D. and I hit up the local flea market once again in search of some vintage goodies; we were not disappointed. Now, I have this particular phobia of eating off of yellow dishes, but when the vendor offered these seven little dishes to me for $1, well it was just an offer I couldn't refuse.

The dishes aren't marked so I don't know who made them, I guess hunting for more on eBay is futile. I am trying to figure out what to use the dishes for, and I am a bit curious as to why the larger ones have handle like projections.

D. scored the most from our little outing, he added to his book collection with vintage copies of Pollyanna, Ivanhoe, Pilgrim's Progress and a peculiar book called Little Lives of the Saints for Children.

The book bindings are so pretty, why doesn't such care go into books that are published now?

(Why did Harry Fletcher write his name twice in Ivanhoe?)

He wanted to buy Pollyanna even after I told him it was a children's book, he said he was thinking about the future...


  1. Polly-Annnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaa!!! Come out and play!

  2. TIme for a new post! You have so much to write about.

  3. Hey, hey! Who made you the blogging police?


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