Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Crafting Extravaganza

I know I have been terrible in updating this blog but due to the copious amounts of crafting I have been doing, I have decided to create a mega-post. It has been a long time since I've made so many crafts and I thrilled that I have found myself making all of these cute projects in between working and going to school. The latest issue of Martha Stewart Living has been the source of inspiration for many of these projects. Martha Stewart carries a whole line of craft supplies at Michaels, her glitter is one of my favorites! Here my sister and I bought some clear ornaments from Michaels and covered them in glitter and hung them up with solid colored balls from her candle holder in the kitchen. The sparkle mixed with the solid is a nice mix. Here is another from the study, we added a wreath around the light fixture. This is starting to sound like a post about Michael's but since they accept competitor's coupons I was able to get this $$$ paper punch for 1/2 price! Christmas cards to add with all of our Christmas cookies that my sister and I give away. One of my favorite crafts from two years ago is this little ginger boy, I made him out of felt, used rick rack as icing and gave him little buttons with glittery pom poms. Another favorite of mine is this vintage inspired holly brooch out of the latest Martha Stewart Living (here's the simple how-to), they are easy to make and very cute. I've been having so much fun crafting this Christmas season and I'm not done yet, I plan on making these little elves too when my boyfriend comes down this weekend.

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  1. wow! It looks like you've been really busy with the crafts. I'm inspired to start crafting myself.....=-D


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