Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Thoughts On Cooking: Past and Present

I remember this scene from Spiderman 3 and thinking "Wow, cooking looks so fun." Laughing and dancing around in a light and spacious kitchen, and having all of the ingredients prepped. (So what if they're just making omelets?) Go ahead, watch the clip.

(Case in point of ambitious recipes-popovers. Popovers used to frighten me, they always seemed so tricky.)
Back then (circa 2007 when Spiderman 3 came out) I enjoyed cooking because it was a novelty to me, you know pull out a special recipe here and there when I was feeling ambitious (homemade bagels or marshmallows or how about a whole filet of salmon stuffed with herbed butter with ratatouille on the side?) and all the other times I would just eat vegetables, eggs and cheese. But now that I have a little family, cooking has kind of become a dreaded chore and I find myself staring into an open fridge waiting for a prepared meal to materialize before my eyes - come on fridge, help me out! And my kitchen, well, unlike the one in the Spiderman clip, it is kind of a dark hole that hasn't been updated since the Brady Bunch was really groovy. Not to mention there are always bits and bobs of toddler toys (and non toys that he just likes to play with - right now there is about 30 clothespins on the floor) strewn about and a pile of dishes in the sink. Inspiring. I hope the cooking fairy comes and sprinkles magic cooking dust on me because I have to eat for the rest of my life so I better get my act together! I hope this cooking apathy is just a temporary thing...


  1. i agree... novelty cooking was a ton of fun... having to do it every day not so much...

  2. I never really cooked before i had a family, so it wasn't really a novelty to me. having a family really made me cook, and with exploring cooking i began to love it. though, of course, i also have the days where it feels like a chore and im too tired to prepare a meal that my kids will just mash all over the floor/table, lol!

    lovely post, i can totally relate :)

    xox, amber

  3. I love popovers! But, yeah, I haven't tried to make them in a long time...

  4. I love popovers! But, yeah, I haven't tried to make them in a long time...


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