Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursdays 4

Another frosty east coast day. Ugggh. Perhaps this list will make you smile and remember that the groundhog saw it's shadow yesterday which means spring is just around the corner. Yay!

Rear Window. D. and I are on a roll with the Alfted Hitchcock movies. Another winner, I highly recommend it for your viewing pleasure. Normally if we're watching a movie at night I fall asleep on the couch around ten o'clock, but this movie was so good I was glued to the screen.

Pretty, pretty perfume bottle. Anthropologie really is my favorite store.

I love, love, love this bright, cheerful, summery kitchen. Summer come soon!

My hands down favorite coffee of all time. You can only get it in Hawaii but I am lucky enough to have a sister living in the islands. I think this would make a fabulous birthday present. :)


  1. Coconut coffee is the best. I know you like your coffee black but pairing it with coconut creamer makes it even better! P.S. I think you meant "things I love Thursdays" =)

  2. Indeed that is what I meant, thank you.


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