Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bedroom Update and Happy Groundhog's Day!

My bedroom does not have a headboard so I've been thinking of what to do to make it not look so boring. I saw this picture last year,

and I loved the lanterns and ruffle tissue paper pom poms hanging above the bed.

I found this pom pom kit at TJ Maxx for a steal, I thought I would use them for our wedding, but never did. I decided to use them for above the bed.

The kit was easy to follow, in fact you could have made them without a kit (it's just folded tissue paper) but the kit came with prescored paper.

I really like the way the bedroom looks now, the bed definitely needed something. (No, we do not normally sleep with stuffed animals on the bed. This is just in honor of groundhog's day. D. and I made these little groundhogs while we were dating.)

In case you're wondering, their names are Winnie and Winston. :)
Happy Groundhog's Day!


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