Monday, December 20, 2010

Punch Love

Here I am, crafting with punches again. Every so often I get stuck on one particular crafty thing, and for the past several weeks it's been craft punches. My dad's birthday is this week and knowing how much he likes trains, I bought a train punch and made him a birthday card. Here is the how to.

What you will need; cardstock, patterned paper (I used origami), a glue pad or glue stick, scissors, paper slicer, bone folder, double sided tape, and an edge punch. Martha Stewart carries a nifty little line of edge punches at Michael's.

The punch I purchased happened to be on sale at TJ Maxx for $2. Normally they cost about $16. Oh, I do love a good deal.

Cut cardstock into the length and width you want your card to be. Save scrap pieces. Fold cardstock almost in half, leaving 1/2 and inch at the top.

Position edge punch at the top of cardstock and punch across the top of card.

It should look like this.

Cut patterned piece of paper smaller than the front of your card and tape down with double sided tape.

Use your scrap piece of cardstock to cut into little squares. One square per letter.

Cut letters out of cardstock square and affix to card with a glue pad.

The finished product. I also used the edge punch on his gift tag for a little extra dose of trains. I do hope he likes his card!

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