Monday, November 1, 2010

Blast from the Past

D. and I had nowhere to go on Halloween, except for Chipotle, but that didn't keep us from dressing up! Please pardon the mirror photo and poor lighting, it's the best we could do!

The beatnik and the go-go girl. (I am such a fan of the 1960's effect on picnik)

I drew a little mustache and goatee on D. I told him it kind of resembled el diablo. The Ray-Bans helped to pull the look together though.

This was a pretty easy costume to throw together, if I wasn't planning a wedding during the month of October, I might have had more time to invest in my costume, but overall I liked the look. My boots turned out pretty good too! D. and I had so much fun wearing our costumes, we grabbed our donut masks and headed out the door to Chipotle. We came back and handed out candy to four trick-o-treaters. There weren't too many around, which turned out to be a good thing since we only had a small bag of Werther's.


  1. You look so cute. Were you parcelling out one little werther's at a time?

  2. Yep, one at a time. At least it wasn't rocks this year, oh those lucky children!


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