Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Every year I enjoy making New Year's resolutions -- though keeping them can be hard, making them is quite fun. January 1st is like a fresh sheet, a blank slate to set goals for yourself, it's like each year you're given a second chance for yourself. I know that you can choose to change whenever you want, but there is something just so symbolic about the changing of the year, the old one is passing and the new one dawning on the horizon. With that being said here are some goals/resolutions I am making for myself.

1. Since I have a membership to the Y, I am going to drop little G. off in child watch and go to the classes. I would like some little muscles, and "Women with Weights" is just calling my name...

2. Create something every week. I enjoy crafting but I have this habit of crafting mostly around Christmas, than I go into crafting overdrive and burn myself out. Too much crafting in much too little time.

3. Make one quilt. I've wanted to quilt for ages, and I found a simple one on pinterest that I would like to try my hand at making.

4. Pick up my knitting needles again. Just do it!

5. Okay, okay so every year I say "Learn to crochet" but this year I am actually going to give it the ol' college try

6. Be better at taking photos for this here blog. Often I think "I should blog about that!" But I don't have my camera with me to take pics.

7. Learn to give myself manicures. I got my first gel manicure yesterday and I'm in love!

8. Write down recipes. I like to try out new recipes that I find online, but then I seldom write them down. I like things to be tangible so this just seems like a logical thing to do.

Okay, so there's my resolutions, please feel free to ask me from time to time how I'm doing. It'll keep me on track.


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