Friday, May 11, 2012

Me and My Teeth

My teeth and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that I have teeth, but I hate that at one time I got 6 cavities. That is what too much Fun Dip will do to you. Maybe I have a love/hate relationship with Fun Dip. Anyway, I recently found a great coupon for a local dentist which included x-rays, a cleaning and teeth whitening. I am happy to say that I had no new cavities, hooray! I picked up my whitening trays today and with them they also gave me these...

(Now I can look at my Chiclet sized teeth any time I want!)
I've been having fun with them, I left them on the kitchen table and I asked if they were Grandpa's, he looked at me really perplexed like and said "Of course not, come on!"He thought they were false teeth.  But then shortly after these teeth came to life.

Please meet Marty.

Marty's made himself quite at home, and has been chewing on Little Baby's toys. I better keep an eye on him, I expect he might get into some trouble, he's very curious.


  1. lol. this post made me literally laugh out loud. :) thanks for the giggle. we hung out with your sister last night!

  2. okay, adorable photos aside...i am sooo with you. i feel like i'm just one of those people that gets cavities despite brushing. oookat i'm not the greatest flosser but still... right now i'm supposed to have made a dentist appointment ages ago but i've been putting it off for months. so naughty...


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