Wednesday, November 30, 2011

O Christmas Tree

The other night upon returning from visiting D.s family for Thanksgiving, we decided to stop by Lowe's to pick up a Christmas tree. We really wanted to chop down our own at a Christmas tree lot, but it was going to end up costing 3x as much as a tree from Lowe's. We chose to be economical. Whomp, whomp. Anyway, our car was loaded with stuff, since we were just returning from his parent's house after a 4 day stay and we had newly installed Little Baby's car seat and had loads of other stuff in the car as well (like 2 weeks worth of laundry we did at their house). So where did we put the Christmas tree? Well since we didn't have any rope, and even if we did we didn't know how to tie the tree on the car, we put Frasier Jr. (yep, this one's got a name too) in the front seat, just like last year. We had to shove and cram move a lot of stuff around but we made it work.

When we got home we decorated the table for Christmas too, we like to change the table according to the seasons. It's our thing. While I was putting away the fall decor that was on the table, I found an old Nutcracker that was hiding behind a bunch of stuff on a shelf. It's D.'s Nutcracker, I think it's funny that he likes it and won't let me get rid of it. He must have been afraid I might donate it, which is why it was hiding in the back corner of a shelf behind a bunch of tea canisters. I think Nutcrackers are weird.

We decided we needed to take posed pictures of us gazing at the Christmas tree with the Nutcracker. Can you see him, he is hiding. Sorry for the dark photos, we were doing this at night.

Me and the Nutcracker and a really cute bow headband/earwarmer from people webs etsy shop. P.S. I remember last year when I could button that sweater, and not just the top button.

My mom was really big on Avon ornaments, this is my Noah's ark collection, the poor little penguin is missing his mate. Where'd she go? She's been missing for awhile. Ummm, I just realized the penguin isn't even visible in this photo, but he's there.

Some of my favorite ornaments are the ones that my mom made me long, long ago. This one is all fancy and decked out in gold puff paint.

My "name" is on it, I still don't know why she called me J.D. 

Very soon I'll have another Baby's First Christmas ornament to add to the tree. Only two more weeks until Little Baby is here!

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