Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things I Love Thursdays 6

Hello, and welcome to another sporadic edition of Things I Love Thursdays. Uhm, so maybe this won't be a weekly feature, but I still like doing them. Without further ado...

I know it might sound disgusting, but Peeps flavored Rita's is delish. Believe me, I was a doubter at first too.

Super cute pom pom tutorial. I like pom poms, I think you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Who wouldn't want to stitch up some of these funny veggies? They would be oh so nice on some dish towels. I think the tomato must be repulsed at the idea of eating vegetables, a type of cannibalism to him. Technically he is a fruit though, just saying...
Since I'll be stitching away some veggies, and can't find my pair of embroidery scissors, I need some owl embroidery scissors. Now of course I don't need them, they're just cute.

My children's literature class is causing my to reread all of my childhood favorites, including Make Way for Ducklings. I like how Mrs. Mallard is counting her eggs with her foot. She even looks like she's smiling, a smiling duck. How cute is that? (On a related-ish note, when I was in highschool I thought for sure I would get a pet duck and I was going to name her Dixie. I never got a duck. I guess reading Make Way for Ducklings is my way of vicariously owning a duck.)


  1. Oh my gosh, they have PEEPS FLAVORED RITA'S?!?! Peeps are my guilty Easter candy pleasure, I have no idea why marshmallows covered in sugar are so tasty but they are. I was at the Rita's around the corner from my apartment yesterday and they didn't have the peeps flavor though. I'll have to check back...

  2. I'm not one for real peepes, but the rita's was definitely delicious!


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