Friday, February 25, 2011

Spotlight On...

Pocket TheSaurus is a new little etsy shop created by my friend Kira. I met Kira when we were both working at summer camp and attempting to teach children that there are crafts outside of god's eyes and boondoggle. Uggh. Anyway...

Kira, always so creative and crafty, finally has decided to sell some of her wares in her shop, focusing on little plushie pocket dinos. She will also do custom orders. For Christmas I custom ordered two 16 inch dinosaurs for my little nephews (and they loved them!) All of her dinosaurs are completely sewn by hand from eco-friendly felt and stuffed with hypo-allergenic fiberfill.

Head on over to Pocket TheSaurus and get your fix of little plushie little dinos!

Oh, here we are at summer camp going through craft catalogs. Kira is the second on the right and I am the second on the left, with blonde hair, eek!


  1. Oh wow, I forgot you had blond hair! Thanks for the feature, someday when I am better at updating my blog (who knows when that will be though...) I will return the favor! You are fantastic. Oh, and the other day someone saw the embroidery you made me hanging in my room and thought it was so cute! (Which it is.)

  2. Kira's dinosaurs are adorable! fun to see our arts and crafts photo :)


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