Saturday, January 15, 2011

Of Boots and Hobo Shoes

This week my boots bit the dust. They were my $30 special and lasted about a year; I can't expect too much out of $30 after all. They started falling apart and the toe started lifting so much that they started to resemble an old fashioned hobo shoe. My boot kept flapping up when I walked, which wouldn't be too bad but there is snow on the ground. I decided that I should invest in some quality boots that will last awhile, and I found these lovelies.

And guess who makes these? Ugg. I know it, I can't believe it either. The price is a bit of a jump, considering I paid $30 for my last pair of boots, but I told you how far thirty bucks got me. :) I am trying to think up some clever ways to earn some extra money on the side so that I don't tap into the budget. So I've listed some old books on Amazon, and of course there is always my little shop.

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