Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chipotle's Annual Boorito

It is no secret that I am the biggest fan of Chipotle Mexican Grill; my sister and I used to take dates there every Friday and would split their giant veggie fajita burrito. Every Halloween Chipotle runs a special promotion where if you dress up like a Chipotle food item, you receive a free burrito/burrito bowl/etc. This Halloween they changed it up a bit, if you come dressed up like a horrible processed food, you receive a burrito/burrito bowl/etc. for $2. The proceeds go towards Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (click here to find out more), a very worthy cause. I decided to dress as a donut to get my scrumptious burrito tomorrow, and I posted a little tutorial on making your very own donut mask. 

You need several more items for this: a small circular object, brightly colored paper scraps, hole punch, box cutter, ribbon, packing tape, and glue. Sorry, I didn't think about these things until after I took the picture.

1. Trace the large circle on the cardboard. I found this giant cardboard box out in the dumpster, little did its former owners know it would be made into a donut.

2. Trace the small circle on the cardboard, this is the donut hole.

3. Cut out both circles with box cutter. Be careful, it's sharp!

4. Add your base coat, this is going to be a pretty iced white donut.

5. Paint on your frosting.

6. Punch out your sprinkles and glue them on the frosting. 

7. Flip over donut and tape on ribbons.

8. Finished product! I traced the frosting and sprinkles with the Sharpie, just to make it stand out more. I added "I'm a donut" so people wont think I'm a pink egg. 

I can't wait to go to Chipotle as a donut, I made one for D. too, he is such a good sport.

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  1. Chipotle use to be my favorite until I found a fly in my salad bowl. Now I like Mucho Gusto, you should try it next time you visit Grandma.


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