Sunday, June 6, 2010

Westcott Art Trail

This weekend I strolled through a central New York neighborhood that was participating in the annual Westcott Art Trail. Creative homeowners set up shop on their front porch/front yard to sell their handmade wares. Now this sounds like something I would like immensely, but I did not care for it too much. There was a strange new age vibe in most of the handicrafts and most of the people walking around bore a striking resemblance to the wizard Gandalf. I can imagine that many of these people owned home decor that included the likes of faeries, wizards, dragons, and magic crystals. All was not a bust though, I did find this cute albino bunny button, which was given to me free of charge. The bunny was sitting in a bowl of buttons, but my eye was only on the bunny. I do wish I bought the whole bowl of buttons though, why you ask? Well you will see tomorrow.

What a cute albino bunny. Notice that my picture is not blurry? Courtesy of my dearest D. who has sort of given me his camera. Oh, he's so nice.

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